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Lior Moyal

"Every brand tells a story. We listen!"

The Challenge

Lior's existing deck epitomized the dreaded PowerPoint presentation. It was full of complicated charts, too much text, and cheesy graphics. 

How to compellingly convey the topics of neuroscience, neuropsychology, and the workings of the mind without confusing the audience and turning away potential investors?


Good design employs contrast. The audience didn't need to be overwhelmed with both a high-level language pitch and complicated graphics- this would only serve to distract and frustrate.

Instead we employed an illustrative style that was whimsical and free-handed- an accessible, friendly, and enjoyable resting place for the eyes and brain. It helped ease the listener into the niche industry that Lior was describing.

Instead of literally illustrating his words (redundancy), we amplified them with visuals that supported without dominating or confusing the viewer.


Lior's pitch garnered the praise of many investors and attendees in the Demo Day audience. One said, "It was the best Demo Day deck I've ever seen!"

In Lior's own words: "I was more confident on stage, knowing I got the best designed deck I could have asked for!"


Lior delivering his pitch on the Metro Accelerator for Retail, powered by Techstars Demo Day